Funeral Caterers

Wakes for funerals can be incredibly difficult events to organise, both logistically and from an emotional point of view.  

We can take away the stress of having to also organise the food for all your guests. Our funeral catering services can take some of the bigger challenges in the organisation process off your hands, streamlining your tasks and helping to create a perfect day to commemorate your lost loved one.

Our team puts time and attention into creating a menu that not only suits the tone of a funeral perfectly but represents who your loved one was.

We work with you to pick out dishes that are ideal for your needs, finding out the meals that the deceased loved and making our versions of them, so they stay with you throughout the time you’re remembering them. Food is such an important part of life, and we help funeral congregations to recognise this.

Finding the right caterers for a funeral wake is a must, and there are a few things to look for. The first is a drive for perfection, something that our team focuses on.

This is an important event for you and those around you, and we don’t accept less than the very best. Variety is another feature to look for, and the By Ambience team offers everything from canapes and buffets to exquisite meals.

Get in touch with the By Ambience team today to find out more about our funeral catering options and start to take your first steps in the wake planning process with experts you can trust.

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