Award Ceremonies

From fancy dresses to lavish decorations, award celebrations demand the very best of your planning.

You’re there to celebrate the achievements of people you respect, so you want to ensure that you leave the right impression on them and keep them striving for more by the time next year’s ceremony comes around. Getting great food at your ceremony can make your event truly memorable. Find out about catering for award ceremonies and what to look for from a caterer.

The best award ceremonies are memorable because everything is perfect. From the décor to the dining, getting each aspect right splits the good and the great. Award ceremonies benefit from using caterers that work to a high standard and bring meals to amaze nominees, winners and guests alike. Provide a couple of high-class options, a vegetarian and vegan alternative and you can set a strong impression before you start handing out the awards.

There are a few things to keep an eye out for when picking a caterer for award ceremonies. The first is experience. Ceremonies run on a tight timetable, so having experience in catering events such as ceremonies and weddings means that the kitchen team knows how to stay on schedule and keep your night running as expected.

Quality is another fundamental part of picking the right caterer. Look at reviews from previous organisers to see what people thought and discuss your menu with a caterer ahead of time.

A trustworthy partner will discuss creating a menu just for your event that perfectly suits the tone of your event. You get great food that suits your awards night perfectly by taking this extra step.

If you’re looking for catering for award ceremonies that you can rely on, get in touch with the By Ambience team today to discuss your menu needs and get started with preparing a delicious dinner for your event.

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